Each Spring, we have several student mission teams of about 50 come to work during their spring breaks. The summer is filled from the last week of May through the third week of August with additional mission teams serving. These teams are often comprised of two or more churches joining forces. They are coming to serve our Lord by giving up a week of their vacation to serve our children and the poor of Mexico. Many of these teams have been coming for many years. Most years we even have a waiting list to get a week. We need your help and support, but you must plan well in advance.

Our teams come from all over the country. Most have to fly, spending $400 or more for round trip airfare into San Diego, and then chartering a bus to bring them from the airport to Ensenada and back at the end of the week. In addition, they spend about $100 per person on food for themselves and our kids during their stay. Plus, they pay $60 per person for use of our dormitories, facilities, and vans- usually a total of $850 per person.

Most mission team members raise their own financial support to immerse themselves in a mission experience for a week. Most team members report very little problem raising their funds- the prevailing spirit at most churches: "Not everyone can go, but everyone can help someone go."

Surely "the love of Christ compels us" (2 Cor. 5:14). Our sister organization, Baja Missions, has experienced the same enthusiasm with 15 mission teams coming each year for a week. Started in 1996 by a visiting team to The City, Baja Missions has grown to establish and support 11 congregations in the Baja by seeking out U.S. congregations to take on the full or partial support of one of these congregations as their mission work. The Baja Missions main office is now located here at The City, and provides a fleet of vans, 2 trucks with trailers and a small bus, housed at The City, for mission team use during their one week visit to their congregation. During their week, they serve the Lord by building church facilities and homes, providing various medical clinics, hosting Vacation Bible Schools and Gospel meetings, and providing meals for the poor. Anyone can find a way to use their gifts to serve on these trips.

Baja Missions teams have the same type of expenses as those coming to The City plus hotel bills and the cost of construction supplies. In spite of the expenses involved, why do these works continue to grow every year? What makes so many give up a week of vacation to spend it in Baja, Mexico?

Do you suppose the blessings from the Lord are so great that it compels them to return year after year? Consider becoming part of one of these trips to see what you are missing in your walk with the Lord. It will change your church- and your life. Jesus simply commands us, "Go."