The Forgotten


The Forgotten

“Where do the children come from?”

All of the children at the City have a story. Most have been abandoned for some reason. Some of their parents have died; some can’t afford to take care of their children or are abusive or negligent. Some of the children don't know why they are there. Most of our children are placed in our home by the Baja Welfare Department (DIF). All of them share the same sense of urgency - to love and be loved by caring Christians - and to feel the compassion of God’s people.

“Are the living conditions in Mexico really that bad?”

Until you see first hand the desolate and hopeless conditions these children are rescued from, it is very difficult to communicate the overwhelming nature of the homeless children of Mexico. There are only about 50 small orphanages in all of Baja, with an average capacity of 40 each. To give you an idea of the overwhelming situation, in Mexico City alone there are an estimated 40,000 homeless children living on the streets, in the sewers, and anywhere they can find shelter. And the problem is getting worse.

The City of Children’s excellent reputation throughout the country makes it a model of Christian care and a beacon for this dismal part of the world. What a victory it is for the Lord’s church to be at the leadership point of this crisis. When you give to the City, you are following the example of Christ, and caring for “the least of these.” Paul told the young man Timothy to “care for the widows and orphans” (James 1:27). Join us in the great honor of walking in the footsteps of Jesus - down the dusty roads of Baja.