The Staff


The Staff

The amount of supervision and proper care needed for over 100 children is tremendous. The staff of our home is primarily Mexican. They are good people with strong moral convictions, sincere and accommodating. They are deeply appreciative of what the Americans come here to do.  You will find them extremely helpful and gracious.

You are in a powerful position of influence with the staff as well as the children. As is the case with most Mexicans, they don't speak much English, but they will understand you enough to communicate. You will find the City of Children staff to be very dependable and courteous. They will be ready to serve you in whatever way you need. Because some of them grew up at the home, they understand how important the Americans from the states are. They are literally God's hands here in Baja.


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Patty Gonzales

Mexican Co-Director

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Ricardo Gonzales

Mexican Co-Director

Patty and Ricardo have served the City of Children since 1994 as the Mexican Directors, and bring many years of loving care to The City. Patty is a lifelong part of the City, having come to the home at the age of 2. They are responsible for the daily operations of the home. Along with their two children, Andrés and Esteban, they are proud to call the City of Children their home.

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Tom Begin

American Director

Tom is the American Director of the City of Children and leads the administrative team. Tom serves as chairman of the Board of Trustees, is an elder at the Murrieta Church of Christ in California, and is a long time supporter of the City of Children. Tom is a well-known leader in the church in Southern California, and has a true passion for our children. He is loved and respected by all here at the City. 

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Flor Monzon

US Office Manager

Flor came to the home as a young girl with her sister, Perla. An excellent student, Flor has completed her degree in Business Administration. We are proud to have her on our staff as our business manager. She works closely with Tom in the office, assisting in financial record keeping and general accounting.

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Pilar Natera

Service Coordinator

Pilar has been a part of the City since childhood. She attended Lipscomb University and now serves the home by coordinating summer mission teams with their off-campus service projects, translating, and assisting Baja Missions.

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The City of Children Board

The COC Board members have a long history with the City, and serve the home by overseeing the "big picture", meeting regularly to discuss and pray over the good work. They can be reached by email if you have any questions or needs.

The COC Staff


COC Dorm Parents are a dedicated team of Christian men and women that care for over 100 children and their daily needs. They, serving as parents, teachers and guardians, are the loving hands of the Home - pray for their important mission as they love our kids.