Our History:


    It began in 1970 as a labor of love led by Earl Farmer and concerned Christian people in California - today, the City of Children continues to be a successful mission model of Churches of Christ across America. The purpose is to teach the gospel of our Lord to the orphaned and needy children of Mexico. Since the beginning, 620 children and adults have become Christians, with an additional 800 new Christians reached through Baja Missions. The Mexican government allows us to teach the gospel because we are giving their children a good home, good care and education. We are trying to bring love and happiness back into the lives of hurting children. One of the ways we accomplish this is through providing mission opportunities for visiting teams from Churches of Christ. The purpose of your visit is to be a friend and an example of Jesus to a child. Your hugs and attention may be the love that helps heal a broken heart. If you will reach out to the children, God will overflow your heart with blessings. When you serve a meal, give a gift or drive a nail, you are doing it for Jesus as well as a child. 

Stan Stout's Memoirs